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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
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"So do you think it would take that kind of build up for you to cum again?"

And she stops dead in her tracks as she catches sight of her parent's drive way. Her catholic school kilt flips up over her long smooth legs as she clutches her books tight to her chest and gulps in the air. A tiny whimper escapes her fat little lips and she pushes a tendril of light red hair out of her eyes and back into her thick ponytail. There's a car in the driveway.

Gil was sitting on the edge of the bed when I came out of the bath. I sat beside him then I put my hand between his legs and grasped his cock. “Let’s get you up again.” I jacked his cock as I got on my knees again in front of him again.

"I do to and what do you think will happen to that outfit if you get it wet?"

I step back a little, pulling out of her. We just stand there looking at one another for a moment. Then she starts washing my cock again, or massaging it at least. She also moves around, lifting a leg to rinse off her bottom and her legs where my cum was running down. It only takes a minute and we're as clean as people who just fucked can be and she turns off the water and we start drying each other. I wouldn't have thought I could be back up as quick as I was but with her drying me and massaging me, I am. And she soon is on the floor with half my cock in her mouth and one hand wrapped around the base of it as she goes to work on me. I remember my wife saying that I did oral sex like I wanted to and Ann is after my cock the same way. She wants this, likes it, knows what she's doing. I'm surprised she stays at it as long as she does because it takes me awhile before I cum. But finally she gets what I guess she was after, a mouthful. Although less than she would have got if she'd done this earlier.

Sitting down at the table, she walked over to serve me the tea. I saw that she had showered and changed, and was now wearing only a bath robe. The robe was very elegant looking, a light pink color with white trim around the hems and cuffs.

"Whoa, you're really getting into this, aren't you, you horny little bitch!" Lisa said to CC approvingly. Lisa sucked at Lynn's little white pussy as her orgasm rocked her body.

As I watched her every move in the mirror, the view was even better than I had expected. Her tight miniskirt outlined the contours of her ass perfectly and ended about halfway down her thighs, affording me a great view of her long and well-tanned legs. As she moved all around me, cutting here and trimming there, I kept my eyes fixed on the mirror and took great pleasure from inspecting every square inch of her magnificent body.

'What you got in mind?' he asked taking a drink of coffee, wondering what had come over her. She loved her yard and over the last ten years won many awards for it.

The kiss quickly rose in intensity until she hungrily sucked at his tongue. He reached out and pulled Joanna into the embrace with them, turning first to kiss her deeply, then pulling back as Joanna began to kiss Kim.

With my breasts stinging with pain I whispered, "Do you want to lick my cunt?"

It was impossible for me to leave the apartment. Marla brought me food and did everything else. I literally depended on her for survival and more. She was like a mother to me.

"Good morning Fernanda. Put the tray on the table and come stand here in front of me."

Michelle could barely breathe from fear as the swollen head of his cock slowly probed the opening of her ass. She trembled violently; waiting for the pain... he was too big; she knew from experience the pain caused from being fucked in the ass by a dick his size. She renewed her struggles to break out of his grasp only to have a damp funny smelling cloth pressed against her face and then…

"Oh, Sis! That was awesome!" Charlie finally spoke.

The first was tall and slim with shoulder length black hair, legs that went all the way up to a little black skirt, and very small un-haltered tits under a very shear blouse. The second was about 5ft 3, with firm hefty legs in tight jeans, a nice pair of Cs under a tight sweater, and the face of a baby doll with bright blue eyes. The third was around 5 ft, a little older, maybe 30, stunning beautiful green eyes, short blond hair, big tits and a cock teasing short skirt.

"So what's the plan ladies?" I asked.

Yeah, I thought. As if! ‘I don’t think so,’ I said, having put on a display of considering it. ‘My friend Amy tells me that her boyfriend made her bleed back there and for days she had to eat her meals standing up.’ Velo’s cock was touching a nice spot and I rocked a little harder.

We stored our gear and everyone else seemed more than happy for me to remain naked for the ride back. So I did. I whispered in Bob’s eye that I was a horny as hell and it was shame these guys were around because I was ready for a post dive workout of our own. All he said was save that thought.

"No of course not."


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